Nov 10, 2021, Copper Country Recycling Initiative (CCRI) Meeting Minutes

Nov 10, 2021, Copper Country Recycling Initiative (CCRI) Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Ruth Gleckler

Present: Susan Burack, Sara Fehringer, Ruth Gleckler, Ginny Hemmer, Michael Reay, and Horst Schmidt.

Guests at the meeting were Dika, Alex and Linda from the Houghton High School Environmental Club and Morgan from the MTU SDH.

1. Old Business:

a. October meeting minutes were approved.

b. Committee Reports: Deferred.

c. The Oct 21 st meeting with Tracy Purrenhage (Michigan Department of Environment Great Lakes Energy (EGLE) Recycling Specialist and Brad Austin, Director of the Marquette Solid Waste Authority was discussed. It went well except for the Zoom part which did not work. It was agreed that future meetings should be held at the library.

d. Enid handed out recycling information at the Houghton County Transfer Station along

with Michigan Technological University students for Make a Difference Day. The day went well, but there was concern that recycling was not available on Saturday. The group also provided handouts at the South Range Post Office.

e. The CCRI website continues to be a work in progress. AJ was in an accident and will be

unavailable, we all wish him a speedy recovery.

f. One EGLE mini grant application was submitted. It included funds for signage at the Transfer

Station and a flier to be sent to Houghton County residents. Due to illness, the Keweenaw Bay

Indian Community (KBIC) grant was not submitted.

2. New Business

a. Good Will has not responded to an e-waste/recycling presentation for November. We decided not to do a December webinar but see if Good Will (and Steve Nobel, Material’s Management Program Electronics Take Back Program) could do an e-waste presentation in January. We will hold off scheduling the Habitat for Humanity Restore webinar until we know about the e-waste program. Ginny will do a “Green Christmas” article for the Daily Mining Gazette. Susan and Horst will try to schedule a visit with Copper Country Today. Ginny will connect with Krissy about adding articles to our Facebook page.

b. Miscellaneous items - Susan reported that the Post Offices are not allowed to recycle the “junk”

mail customers discard in their lobbies. Waste Management reported that customers continue to

use plastic bags for recycling. Susan has worked with the Hancock Schools, there is recycling at all

three buildings. Houghton County has not been having any Solid Waste Committee meetings. The

Sustainability Demonstration House continues with the Waste Reduction Drive, collecting razors,

plastic film, and dental products. CCRI members are encouraged to continue to develop contact

with townships, cities, villages, and localities as assigned to provide information and handouts.

c. Horst and Ginny discussed the Green School program. Horst will reach out to Lloyd Wescott and Joan Chadde to get more details about the program. He will investigate who can oversee the

program. Horst will send information to Houghton High School Environmental club members about

the Green School program. Discuss again at the next meeting.

d. At the January meeting, CCRI will develop short- and long-term goals towards the original goal of Zero Waste.

3. The next meeting will be December 8 th , 4:00 – 5:00 pm at the Portage Lake District Library. Ginny will conduct the meeting while Carol is out of town.

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