February Meeting Minutes

Feb 9 2022, Copper Country Recycling Initiative (CCRI) Meeting Minutes.

Present: Susan Burack, Carol Ekstrom, Sara Fehringer, Ruth Gleckler, Ginny Hemmer, Horst Schmidt, Krissy Sundstrom and Joe and Marie Moore from Osceola Township.

Present Via Zoom: Lynn Gierke, and Zackary Osborn

1. Old Business:

a. January meeting minutes were accepted as written.

b. Ginny brought poster size paper so everyone could write the recycling goals they see monthly, quarterly, yearly and long term 5 year. The items were read and discussed. Ginny will consolidate the goals and prioritize thru survey monkey. Several action items were the Western Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Region (WUPPDR) will be working with Houghton County to update the county solid waste plan. Susan currently sits on the Houghton County Solid Waste Planning Committee and will follow up with them to see if they will have meetings again. Brad Austin (Marquette Solid Waste Authority Director) said their capacity is 2,400 tons annually. Currently the total for drop-off and curbside recycling is 52 tons per month.

c. Wednesday is the only time and day the majority of people can meet for CCRI.

d. Susan gave a brief report on the Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance (KEDA) as well as the MTU Sustainability Forum meeting. She will be attending the School Superintendents’ Round Table meeting next week.

e. The flier developed by Ginny, Krissy, & Sara was reviewed. Adding color to the paper was suggested, and Susan will review wording.

2. New Business

a. Zak gave an overview of the composting grant that will be submitted to MI EGLE (Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy) at the end of March. Zak and Enid are working with Rachael Pressley from WUPPDR for a food system collaborative. This project will start with a food waste audit to gather information and expand collaborators, such as LSSI (Lake Superior Sustainability Initiative) and a local farmer for larger municipal size composting. A smaller scale demo at the Copper Country Academy will also be submitted for a grant. They hope to start taking food waste in June.

b. Ginny reported that the Sustainability Demonstration House (SDH) will have the 3rd Annual Waste Reduction Drive. They will collect stretchy plastic, writing utensils, socks, razors, dental products, egg cartons, and laundry soap containers. They are not accepting plastic lid/caps. Caps are not accepted for recycling unless they are on a bottle because they fall through the recycling machine. Susan and Ruth will look into an alternate for plastic caps since many people have been collecting them all year.

3. The next meeting will be March 9th 4:00 – 5:00 pm at the Portage Lake District Library or through zoom.

Submitted by Ruth Gleckler

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