December 2021 Minutes

Dec 8 2021, Copper Country Recycling Initiative (CCRI) Zoom Meeting Minutes.

Present: Sara Fehringer, Lynn Gierke, Ruth Gleckler, Ginny Hemmer, Abbey Herndon, Zack Osborn, and Horst Schmidt.

1. Old Business:

a. The micro grant for education has been received; but reviews are delayed. Hoping grant awards will be announced in February. Chrissy, Ginny, and Sara are working on the flier for distribution, if grant is received.

b. January webinar will feature Habitat for Humanity Restore. Ruth will contact about dates and times. Tentative date will be 6:30 p.m. on 17 January at the Portage Lake District Library if available (Ginny will follow up with library). Ruth has been unable to contact the Good Will recycling coordinator but hopes to have a presentation on e-waste in the future. Ruth will also talk with Habitat about CCRI advertising their collection of egg cartons for local chicken owners at their locations in Calumet and Houghton.

c. Horst will arrange for a Copper Country Today interview on holiday waste, in conjunction with the Sustainability Demonstration House (SDH). This will be scheduled before the Habitat presentation.

d. The Houghton County Transfer Station has a new manager, Curt Judson. The Houghton County community has requested Saturday recycling. Lynn will bring a once a month recycle on Saturday request to the new manager. CCRI members also hope to meet him in the future.

e. The new apartment building on Pearl Street now has a new dumpster just for recycling. We plan to send a thank you note. Carol is working on who to send the card to.

f. Horst will talk with Lloyd Wescott and Joan Chadde about the Green School Initiative.

g. Zak has taken over the CCRI website. CCRI members should review the site and send any suggestions to Zak with a copy to Ginny and Sara. Zak can include a space on the webpage for webinars we host. A new part of the website will include a composting project and mini grant application that Zak and Enid are working on with the Copper Island Academy. This project could serve as a demonstration and prototype for other composting sites.

2. New Business

a. The first two items on the agenda were deferred since Susan was unable to attend.

b. Lynn currently manages the CCRI distribution list through Mail Chimp. This list was used 4 times last year. Lynn can see if emails sent via Mail Chimp are opened. Users can unsubscribe from this list. There was a discussion on activities and events, including SDH activities, that can be promoted thru this distribution list. The group will begin a monthly newsletter to go out to our distribution list. Ginny and Sara will work on first newsletter for January. Lynn says we currently are not set up with Instagram, but she will talk to Chrissy about getting Instagram set up for CCRI.

c. Will discuss long- and short-term goals at our next meeting.

3. The next meeting will be January 12th, 4:00 – 5:00 pm at the Portage Lake District Library.

Submitted by Ruth Gleckler

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